How to write a winning event proposal

11-10-2017 |  12:50 PM

The way you are preparing and presenting your proposals is the main key of success of your business. These proposals are the things which were bringing new business and profits to your Event Management Dubai.

Big companies are always announces a Request for proposal when they are planning for a company event. If you need to grab that event the first step is preparing a simple but powerful proposal. The RFP will cover all the requirements and expected budget of the event they are going to conduct. So be careful while reading the proposal. Note each and every point and build your proposal. Your proposal is the only thing which help you to stand different from your competitor. But make sure that your proposal is genuine.

We are listing a few tips for the event Planner Dubai for preparing a perfect event proposals.

Yeah, we know that the amound of information need to be included in an event proposal is different for different events depending on the size of the event. But There is some common things you must include in the proposal regardless of the size of the event.

Such five common tips are listing here.

Overview of the Event:

You must try to provide an overview of the complete event in a professional and organized way and also provide some suggestions to them. This will give you a best impression among your clients. But make sure that you are not giving too much ideas or suggestions to them. Put some suggestions only for getting their attention. You understand what we meant? You know how much competitive is your field so don't dump all your ideas in one place.

Showcase your Experience:

Give a brief idea about your experience in this field and also if you get any chance to tell them about the strength of your energetic and youthful team don't miss that also. This will gives confidence to your clients for hiring your company. Don't forgot tell them about your experienced areas. Yes these can only do by an experienced event team. But no worries if you are newbie in this field. Just highlight your internal ship experiences and volunteer experience.

A brief about your services:

This is a critical headline in your proposal. because this is your place where you can shine. Tell them about all your services and unique offers you are providing to your valuable clients.

Tell them about the Budget

Finishing Touches: Present your proposal without any grammatical and spelling errors. Present it in more impressive way.



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